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Business at the Club

Business is part of the fabric of The Chelmsford Club

Business is important to many members of The Chelmsford Club, we therefore embrace it with open arms. We provide a varity of business incentives including The Hub, our open desk working spaces through to networking events. Read on to find out about the excititng business opportunities available.

Friday 10th May 2024, 11am arrival for 11:15 start

How to build stronger relationships using NLP

Caroline Martin NLP Trainer and Leadership Coach Enabling Wings

About Caroline

Caroline has worked with multinational clients in financial services for more than 27 years and this year became Deputy President of the Chelmsford and South Essex CII.
In 2012 serendipity lead her on a journey to explore personal development and the power of the mind and since that time Caroline has invested in herself heavily, training with many world famous coaches and being mentored by industry leaders.
Caroline discovered that the soft skills which she had lacked as a corporate Technical Adviser were the missing keys to success and she is now helping professionals bridge the gap by providing leadership coaching and NLP training.
Caroline has a passion for alignment, connecting Vision, Values and Behaviours with Strategies for Success! She is a big picture thinker that likes to drill into the details. Caroline is a mum of two teenagers and in 2022 she became an international best-selling co-author of a Women’s business book ‘Determined to Rise’.

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About this session

When we truly appreciate what is important to others it becomes so much easier to deliver and meet their expectations.
Join us for this whistle stop tour where Caroline will introduce us to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

We will explore how NLP can help us to understand ourselves and others to communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships and achieve better results.

• An introduction into NLP
• An explanation of the NLP Communication Model
• An overview of Values
• An exploration into questions to gain clarity and build stronger relationships

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