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Wine at the Club

Our latest members benefit is ready to showcase!

The Club is a home from home for our members, that means a home for your wine too! We're now offering a selection of fine wines to our members at wholesale prices. We charge a £8 corkage fee per bottle, stored in our secure basement. Ready to bring up and serve to you and your guests at your request.

The Wine Committee

Our latest members benefit is ready to showcase!

Wine at the club - We have set up a wine committee of Chris Davy, Neil Bull, Phil Wharam and John Constable to bring to you the first of our new partners.


This is Lisa & John of Lion Wines, who would like to extend their ‘hello’ to the Chelmsford Club members. They will be bringing you all as part of an ongoing programme, a range of bespoke, interactive, guest speaker and food focused wine events.

What’s more there will be exclusive wine updates as part of a regular newsletter, an additional monthly membership offers and seasonal ‘guest’ wines to add to the bar menu.


We will be holding the first ‘meet & greet’ in the coming weeks so watch this space for more information and a formal welcome about the plans for this exciting year at the Club!!

Click below to download our Fine Wine List

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