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This is what our members say about The Chelmsford Club.

"I was invited by a friend to join him at the Wednesday sandwich club in the Chelmsford club. I was told they are a great bunch, good fun, good banter and such was the case so I applied, was accepted and that was 2011. I was in business at the time, running my own training company, and I used the club to meet clients, associate and advisors, plus I did some photo shoots, video shoots ad ran some seminars. In business we all want to raise the profile and perception of our business and, as the fabled ‘USP’ now resides with the dragons and unicorns, it is good to have a point of difference and the club provided that.  Rather than meet in crowded coffee shops or dubious hotel receptions, meeting “At the club” provided that point of difference. Now retired, I use the club even more. As I have attended the many excellent events at the club so my circle of friends and contacts has grown, and we often attend not just club events but sporting events, music concerts, parties, BBQ and some of us have even travelled abroad together.  These are friends I would not have met if it had not been for the club. I urge anyone to come and check it out. I am not sure its unique, but it’s certainly rather special." - John Constable

"I thoroughly enjoyed the sales talk at the Club. It’s the first session on sales that has not been dull and boring. Using the experience of real-world scenarios and outcomes was very insightful. Its been my experience that sales trainers will tell you a formula, such as reading from a script, and drive that point home. This session was not like that, having the freedom to take away what I think will work for my business”. - Chris Mason

Good morning Chris, I just wanted to say on behalf of David Plant, all of us at Scene Architects and Rob Draper of DPP,  a big thank you to you, Sue and the rest of your team who did a superb job of looking after everyone on Tuesday evening.  You were all so welcoming and it was a lovely atmosphere for our property drinks.  The room looked beautiful and festive and we ended up with a wonderful turnout given it was a Tuesday evening near to Christmas.


Thank you for all your efforts it was greatly appreciated. Kind regards Leanne

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