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The Chelmsford Club 140 Year Celebrations

5 Year membership

2024 is the 140th anniversary of the Chelmsford club. To capitalise on this rare
opportunity the committee has created “Project 140”.

The objective being: “Utilising ALL the premises for the benefit of ALL the members”. A bold plan to be part funded through a limited 5-Year discounted, inflation proof membership offering.

The offering is: a discounted fixed fee for the next 5 years starting Jan 2024 finishing Dec 2028.The subscriptions rates will be as follows (inc VAT):
Individual membership £1,750
saving £230
Couples’ membership £2,950
saving £410
Corporate membership £5,300
saving £700
(additional members to a max of 10 @ £1,060 each)

As these are fixed rate, discounted membership fees, they will be exempt from
any increase during the 5-year term. These fees to be paid in
full by the end of December 2023.

For the purposes of auditing and governance a separate bank account has been opened,
dealing exclusively with deposits and payments for 140 Projects only.

This does not preclude future projects being funded in this way.
A certificate will be issued to each participating member, there will also be regular Project 140updates to the membership as the work progresses.

Other sources of revenue that have already resulted in deposits into the account
are from the following, and we will continue to promote these:
Raffles - Auctions - Donations

Project 140 activities, and the money raised, deals exclusively with improvements in aesthetics,efficiency, and revenue generation, in short member benefits.


These projects are dependent on the money raise and will be implemented in
priority order as follows:
Deposits of:
£0 to 10k
light the building launch crypt, revamp bar, furniture
£10 to 20k
Adler room: heating, lighting, audio visual, plinth, décor, door, system furniture
£20 to 30k
dining room: heating, lighting, audio visual, décor, system furniture
£30 to 40k
Side garden phase 1 (to be agreed)
£40 to 50k
Rear garden phase 2 (to be agreed)
£50 to 60k
front garden
As the 140 projects materialise so the celebratory events can take place.
The current thinking regarding 140 celebratory events are as follows:
Gala dinners.
Emergency Services charity snooker competition.
TED talks 1 per months with subject specialists.
Art trail including paintings, sketches, sculptors, photography.
Tunes and tapas: buskers / music evening with food.
Alfresco activities.
Casino and cocktails.
Crypt launch with wine club and associated events.
Themed events e.g. Chinese's new year.
Jazz night / dinner dance.
History and heritage events.

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